SB and RG have not always been a comic. Actually, they were part of a drawing  phase I was having. I drew Square Boy (SB) and knew I needed a counterpart.  Well, the opposite of something straight like lines on a square would be round lines, and the opposite of a boy is a girl; Round Girl (RG) was born!

Comics had started appearing a lot around me and I decided that since it would be hard for me to do animations that I could attempt a comic. These characters seemed to go together well and I picked them for the comic.

But there had to be some plot, right? That was the next thing. Characters do need to at least have a base personality. I started doing comics that had no relationship to each other, except for the characters, and I started to understand SB and RG better. SB is not the happiest person, and sometimes he feels he has trouble with school. RG, again the counterpart, is a character that shows up along SB's side to cheer him up. RG I also like to call my ideal girl, but I have not instilled enough personality into her yet to let anyone know what kind of person that is.

Then there is the introduction of new characters. So far I think I've introduced four characters (more still to come). Only three have kept coming back (the bully may appear again, but he has not for awhile). The newest character then is Holly. I have been trying to find the roots of her, and have found out that she has been helped along by one my friends. I think she inspired the name and also she helped me some with coloring. Also, she has helped with the making process of some of the latest comics. Holly is a character I am not too sure what to do with her, but SB seemed to take a liking to her when she was introduced. Question is: Will something happen between them? Good or bad? Or will it just be that Holly is a friend of people? Well, wait for new comics to come out.

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